Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Watching sunrise in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is known for its spectacular view of sunrise and sunset. There are many places for the tourists to view this magic. Kanyakumari tourism dept has built up a number of sunrise and sunset view points. This way the crowd gets divided among these points and one can watch the phenomenon in peace. The hotel which I was staying in, Hotel Singaar International, had its own viewpoint. Luckily, we had our rooms on the same floor. I made sure I put up multiple alarms to wake up at least 15 minutes before sunrise, choose my spot and prepare my tripod.
Sunrise series in kanyakumari
First light of the day. 20 minutes before the sun came out of the horizon
I was the only one at the viewpoint at this time. I took out my tripod and arranged it so that I can get good shots of the sunrise. In next 10 minutes, clouds started appearing and light intensity had also increased.
sunrise series in kanyakumari
Cloud patterns during sunrise

The sun finally decided to come out of the horizon and greet the world. It was a surreal sight. The sky was lit with the orange hue.

Sunrise rising above the horizon
First glimpse of sunrise
This lovely view had now attracted lots of viewers and the viewpoint was full of people. Many of them started coming in front of my camera completely disregarding my space. I got furious but couldn't say anything as the place was meant for all the guests. I politely asked them to move away from the camera so that they don't come in my frame.

I clicked a series of shots and combined it as a single video below.  This method of clicking multiple shots and combining as a single video is called Time Lapse.

It was 6:15 and the sun was in its full glory. All the folks were enjoying tea and coffee arranged by the hotel. Vivakananda memorial rock, thiruvallur statue and "Our Lady of Ransom Church" were clearly visible and the sky still had a beautiful hue and nice cloud pattern.
kanyakumari view 1
Our Lady of Ransom Church, Vivekananda Memorial Rock and Thiruvallur Statue visible from our hotel's sunrise view point
Kanyakumari view 2
Top 3 attraction in Kanyakumari visible in a single frame

I left the view point and started getting ready for the day full of fun and adventure. I was looking forward to checking out main attractions of the city. Other stories from this trip are live on my blog. I'd love to get your views and comments on them as well. Happy traveling.

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