Monday, December 18, 2017

Creative ways to summarize your travel for social media

Creative ways to summarize your travel for social media
Chaukhamba mountains over Deoria Tal, Chopta

Everyone loves to travel once in a while and everyone loves to take photos throughout the trip. Same is the case with me. Even if I travel for a couple of days, I end up with tons of photos. It takes several days to go through each of them and then sort the best photos to be uploaded to various social media channels. Along with photos, there are times when you shoot lots of videos either with your cell phone or a camera. But most of these videos are really not useful other than revisiting the memories. In this post, I'll share a couple of methods where you can utilize the videos and photos in a creative manner and share it on your social media.

First day at Rann Utsav, The Great Rann of Kutch

The most anticipated leg of my sabbatical trip had finally arrived. We were arriving in kutch from Bhuj for a 3-day stay at Rann Utsav. Rann Utsav is a festival of celebrating the culture of Kutch. It is organised every year for 3 months, from November to February. The dates vary from year to year which can be checked from any official travel partner, like this one. The packages are diversified well enough to suit everyone. They have 1N/2D, 2N/3D and 3N/4D packages. The packages are further divided into different room types. All the rooms are tent style. The cheapest room is  "economy swiss cottage" and the most expensive is "Premium tents".

RannUtsav Banner
Posing near the main gate

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The next two days at Rann Utsav, The Great Rann of Kutch

The first day at Rann Utsav was exciting and eventful. The second day also had packed schedule under its sleeves. The day started with morning tea at 5:30. The guests are then taken to the White Rann for watching the sunrise. There's no camel cart ride as the distance to the sunrise point is more than the distance it was to the sunset point. We took our seats on the bus. It was a short 10 min ride to the point from where we had to walk around 200 meters. One can take camel carts or individual camel ride from here till the vantage point. We decided to walk so that we could stop wherever we want and click photographs. It was cloudy over the horizon and looked like we would not be able to watch the sunrise. The sky showed vibrant colours though as the sun was rising behind it.
Sunrise in Kutch
First rays of the sun over the horizon

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A day well spent in Bhuj before proceeding to Rann Festival, Kutch

After spending a good time near Dwarka temple, we continued our journey to Bhuj. We had to stay there for 1 night and leave for kutch the next day as it's only 80 km from Bhuj. Google maps showed us a straight route to Bhuj via Jamnagar through NH 947 and then continue on NH 27 till Bhuj. The road was crowded with trucks and other commercial vehicles till we took a turn towards NH 947. I must have driven for around 15-20 minutes when we realized the road was absolutely deserted. We were probably the only ones on the road within at least a radius of 3 KM.  After about 15 km, the road condition had worsened and there was a point when I could not find out the straight path on the road as it was filled with huge pile of sand and the area was surrounded by water.

Alley near dwarka temple
The alley leading to Dwarkadheesh temple

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vibrant Gujarat: Roadtrip to Diu and Devbhoomi Dwarka. (Gujarat Travelogue Part 2)

This post continues from where I left off in the previous post here. Our next stop was Diu. Although we call Daman and Diu as a single entity, there's a distance of 650 KM between the two towns. Together they are a Union Territory. Like Goa, Diu was also a Portuguese colony, until 1961 when Indian army successfully took command of Diu from them under Operation Vijay. Diu is a small town with a handful of attractions which can be covered in a single day. We reached Diu by 3 PM. I had blocked a home stay through based on reviews.

Posing at Naida Caves, Diu

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vibrant Gujarat: The Gujarat leg of my sabbatical trip (part 1)

This post is in continuation of series of posts on my sabbatical journey. Read about my sabbatical journey planning, hotel details and cost breakup here. Our official trip started on 9th March. Ahmedabad was our starting point of the trip. The road from Mumbai to Ahmedabad was the best I’ve ever driven on. It’s a six-lane highway throughout the route. It took me 10hrs to cover 526 KM which includes 1.5 hours of breaks and halts. I could have covered it in less time but there were a lot of trucks on the highway and they seldom follow lane driving. At many points, all the three lanes were taken by slow moving trucks and it used to get hard overtaking them.

My Alto K10, wandering in Gujarat.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Short weekend trip to a beautiful place called Chikmagalur

My travelogue for the trip to Chikmagalur was long pending. It was one of my first trips after I moved to Bangalore. My colleague was coming with his wife to Bangalore so we decided to take a trip on one of the weekends. There are millions of options to go for 1 day trip near Bangalore. We zeroed in on Chikmagalur as seeing its photo mesmerised us completely. Chikmagalur is a beautiful town nestled in hills and greenery.  It's a part of Mullayanagiri range in the western ghats. Best time to visit this town is during the monsoons as the entire hill range drapes the green blanket.

While coming back from Chikmagalur

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Summary of my sabbatical trip

I still can't believe that my sabbatical trip is over and I'm home already. 30 days went so quickly. It feels as if I was in Kutch just yesterday. My car shows that I travelled 8936 KM total, which went way past my initial calculation of 6000 KM. I travelled across 5 states and numerous cities. I came across several well-known towns and some whose name I haven't ever heard of.

My Alto K10, en route to Rann festival.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My most awaited Roadtrip. 30 Days, 6000KM+, 3 States, 1 Car

Admit it. Road trips are the best way of travelling as it gives you time to enjoy the route throughout the journey, stop wherever you want, without any limitation on time to be spent there. Bangalore is blessed with hundreds of places around it which can be covered on a road trip.

The MNC which I work in gives its employees an amazing opportunity to take a month long sabbatical every 5 years. We have to take it within 2 years after we get eligible else it expires. My sabbatical is due and hence I planned my longest road trip for 1 whole month during this time.

Sabbatical plan
My sabbatical plan with my partner in crime.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Top 3 places to visit near Bangalore for the upcoming long weekend

The year 2017 started with ruining a long weekend plan as 31st December and 1st January fell on a weekend. Had it fallen on weekdays would have doubled the fun and we could have stayed longer in Kodaikanal (where I went for spending New Year's). But let's not lose our hope as January has a long weekend to offer. Republic Day, 26th January is falling on Thursday so we just need to ask for 1-day leave and combine it with the weekend to get a long weekend.

I've made a list of top 3 places near Bangalore where you can visit with family and friends.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Serein: A luxury address in Malabar Hills of Thane

If you follow the real estate scenario, you must be aware of the poshest localities in India. If you have ever dreamed of buying a piece of land in Malabar Hill, one of the poshest localities in the world, your dream is about to come true. Pokhran Road has emerged as one of the most happening places in Thane. The area is surrounded by greenery and has several townships along the way which contains all kinds of entertainment and lifestyle stores as well as luxury societies.
One such upcoming luxury project is Tata Housing's Serein. Aptly named, Serein is one of its kind projects and boasts to be India's first wellness homes. Each home in Serein will have Vitamin C showers, dehumidifiers. The homes are made keeping in mind the wind articulation to maximize comfort, and daylight penetration so that one can enjoy the tranquil sunlight.The amenities include " a reviving nature trail", "jogging and bicycle track", "outdoor dining", "rejuvenating lotus pond", "butterfly garden", "pet park", "organic farming area", "tennis court", "viewing deck" and "skating rink", besides a clubhouse and swimming pool. 
Yeoour hills
Yeoor Hills, Photo Credits: Gautam Khetwal

Wellness homes at Serein is located just next to the greenery of Yeoor Hills and Sanjay Gandhi national park which
will give you a feeling of a world far from hustle bustle of the city but still well connected to all things human. Shopping complexes, malls, schools, hospitals are at a proximity of Serein. Numerous garden and parks are at a walking distance from Serein. The area is at a close proximity to Ulhas river and Upvan lake. The railway station is hardly 10 minutes from your home. Isn't Serein an address to take pride in? It certainly looks like a home that is bound to make a legacy.
Serein's location, Pokhran Road 2 is aptly being called as Malabar hill of Thane as it is surrounded by the greenery, has a beautiful hill view, which is similar to that of the Malabar Hills. Serein has the luxury and affluence of the Malabar Hills, thanks to uber premium amenities it has. Pokhran Road can technically be called the Malabar hills as well due to an interesting similarity between their pin codes. Malabar hill's pin code is 400006, while Pokhran road's is 400610. How about that? Interesting right. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Where did you travel for spending New Year's Eve?

Spending New Year's Eve in a place far from hustle bustle of the city with family and friends is my idea of New Year's Eve. I consider myself fortunate enough to work in a company which has annual winter shut down from Christmas to the 1st day of new year. I don't have to take leaves and I can plan without thinking about how to ask my boss for it.

Ooty highway
My beloved Alto en route to Ooty