Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My most awaited Roadtrip. 30 Days, 6000KM+, 3 States, 1 Car

Admit it. Road trips are the best way of travelling as it gives you time to enjoy the route throughout the journey, stop wherever you want, without any limitation on time to be spent there. Bangalore is blessed with hundreds of places around it which can be covered on a road trip.

The MNC which I work in gives its employees an amazing opportunity to take a month long sabbatical every 5 years. We have to take it within 2 years after we get eligible else it expires. My sabbatical is due and hence I planned my longest road trip for 1 whole month during this time.

Sabbatical plan
My sabbatical plan with my partner in crime.

I have planned to cover Goa, Pune, Mumbai in Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Diu, Dwarka, Bhuj and Rann in Gujarat, and Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur in Rajasthan. Even 28 days is falling short and my last leg of the trip is getting quite hectic. But it is an adventure in itself. I wanted to cover many more places in these 3 states but I guess it needs more than a month at least.

Roadtrip from bangalore to rajasthan
My route for the sabbatical
My previous longest road trip was from Bangalore to Goa via Sagar, Jog Falls which took me around 17 hours of driving including 13 hours in a single stretch. I won't be stretching in this road trip during any point of time. I have planned to cover a maximum of 500kms in a single day and I'll drive only during daytime.

My partners in crime for this trip are my wife and my car, Alto K10. I'll keep updating about my journey on this blog which will include photos, videos, time lapse. I am very excited about this trip and hope to get some amazing experiences, amazing photographs and lifetime of memories.

Do share your experience of road trips. Happy travelling.